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Live - Connect - Believe

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Live, Connect, Believe

“In Christ’s body we’re all connected to each other.” Ephesians 4:25

  I love technology… when it works… I am amazed at how great technology is. I can accomplish things today that I never thought possible just five years ago. Smart phones, apps, and laptops have made my life so much easier; well, some days life is easier. I wanted to hook up my television to a device where my kids can watch movies from the web. It is just a little box that connects to the internet that lets me view movies on the television. I wanted to hook it up while they were home for Christmas break but I couldn’t get it to work. I hooked it up and re-hooked it up, and changed the channels, and got out a flash light and I almost read the directions to make this thing work. Let me make this clear, I said almost read the directions. For some reason, I could not get it connected. Then, after thirty minutes of messing around, I found the problem. I wasn’t fully connected. There was just one wire that I was missing and without that wire there was no connection. I plugged in that wire and immediately there was that channel that I was looking for.

It is amazing what can happen when we are not connected. Think about a time that you were not connected in a conversation. Someone was talking and you were not paying much attention. At some point you realized (and so did they) that you weren’t connected. Ever been on a phone conversation with a bad connection. I talked for fifteen minutes one day on a dropped call and didn’t know it until they called back. There may have even been a time that a movie was on television. You had the channel turned to the right station, your eyes were on the show, but you couldn’t remember what had happened in the last five minutes of the movie. You were not connected. Usually, in those moments, you realize that something else had your attention, so much so, that you were not connected as you should have been. Maybe it was with your spouse, your kids, or your teacher at school. It could have been your boss or an employee at work. A lack of connection brought problems and frustration on your part and on the part of someone else. Living life is not easy when we are not connected.

So what is it like when you are not connected to the Body of Christ? Paul says in Ephesians that we are all connected to each other because of Christ’s body. That may be true theoretically. But think what it is like when there are people in the body of Christ that are not connected to each other. Sure, Jesus is our connection point, but we also need to be connected to one another in the body of Christ. We need to support, care for, and help each other. We need to be there to listen, laugh with, and enjoy our brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to Live for God, we need to be connected to each other, and we need to believe in His word.

At LCB we focus on the words Live, Connect, Believe. We are going to strive to Live our lives for God. We are going to strive to Connect to each other. We are going to strive to Believe deeply in His word. We took the first three letters of Logansport, Church and Brethren and came up with our call as a community. God wants us here at LCB to Live, Connect, and Believe. I am convinced that the Lord has a good life that is worth living. There is not a doubt in my heart that being connected to each other will make life much better. I know that His word is worth believing. And time and time again God calls us in his word to Live, Connect, and Believe. 

  In His Love, Pastor Aaron

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What Does it Cost You?

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We often forget that everything we purchase has a price.  How many hours of your life do you give for your ipad? How many hours do you give to buy a car? How many hours of your life do you eat at Subway?  You see, an hour at work is an hour of your life that you exchange for money, then you use that hour of your life to purchase something like an ipad, a car or going to Subway.  Everyday of our life we trade away hours for cash; and cash for things.  So, in essence, we trade our life for stuff.  


Now, let me ask you this?  What is your faith costing?  Total up the number of hours you spend a week reading your Bible, going to church, Bible study, prayer, serving the needy, visiting the sick and the like and see what it costs you. Add in the hours you work to put money in the offering plate and see what your faith costs you.  What do you find? If your faith was a seat on an airplane, would you be flying economy class, coach, business class, first class or private jet?


Let me share with you 2 pictures that are in a class all their own.  The first picture (above) is the inside of the Colosseum. All the Christian had to do to escape the death sentence was to declare Caesar as Lord.  How simple.  How cheap.  With an economy class kind of faith, it seems to cost nothing to say those 3 little words; but to hold your tongue, or better yet, with 50,000 screaming fans in your presence to declare Jesus as Lord would cost you everything.They say the blood of the martyrs ran so deep in this place that it flowed through all 77 doors of this place.  The smell of blood and rotting flesh was such a stench that workers poured perfume to cover the smell. You see, there were people whose faith caused them to give it all.  They would exchange their life on earth; they would give up the rest of their hours to live in favor of one person--Jesus Christ.  


The second picture is of a famous location.  It is the spot where one of the disciples gave up the rest of his life.  After claiming he would die with Christ and running away when the rooster crowed, Peter had a little time to think.  There was a day for Peter when being a first class follower of Jesus still gave him a little bit of wiggle room.  He loved Jesus, but did not have a faith that would cost him everything.  But many years later, Peter's faith had grown.  It had grown beyond first class faith to a private jet kind of faith.  He was all in.  No holding back.  No good enough. No it will do.  Peter would go all the way and give up the rest of the hours of his days.  In the location of the picture you see here, Peter was crucified upside down.   He did not feel worthy to die like Jesus, but willing to die, he was.  The much older and wiser Peter realized that a faith that costs little has little value, but a faith that costs much is more precious than the hours of your life.  


I am not suggesting that you die today for your faith, but standing on two spots where many people gave the ultimate price, I began to question what my faith costs me; maybe you should take a moment, as well, and calculate the value of your faith.  




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