Choose LCB

Why did Heather Choose the Logansport Church?

After attending the same church for 15+ years, I found myself wanting more; something different, something I agreed with, something that got me excited about my faith again. I found the hardest part was to walk into a church that I had never attended.

My first time attending this church was more than I expected. The people were kind and accepting. The music spoke to me in a whole new way, the presence of the Lord felt in every song. I loved how the pastor’s wife prayed during the music...the power of her prayer made me long to be able to pray the same way. Seeing the number of kids learning in the children’s church was inspiring. The classes that were being offered showed how much they wanted to teach the church. And to think this was all before the message was even heard.

The pastor, who never fails to make you feel like you are important, has an unwavering smile. He preaches with so much passion; passion that keeps you coming back for more. His knowledge about the Word is vast, making it even easier to understand what is being said. And the way he delivers a message...well, it is something you have to experience. It is like none other.

Now my family has been attending worship here for a year. My love for this church continues to grow. I continue to tell others about it because, of course, it is the best church out there!

Heather Hooper



Michael and Anne choose LCB for a couple of reasons.

We started coming to LCB for a couple of reasons. We both knew there was something missing from our lives, but I wasn't as convinced as Michael that the missing part was God.

In the mean time, I worked with a woman that attended church and life just kept kicking her around...and she kept going to church. I made it my mission to find out why she kept going to church and why she kept believing in a God that kept doing these horrible things in her life.

When we started going to church, I realized that it wasn't God that was doing all these horrible things. I learned why these things happen and how to rely on God in time of trouble instead of blaming God for the troubles.

We have felt at home since we walked through the doors of LCB and we've never looked back. We hope you love it here as much as we do.

Anne Edwards.


Children are important too!

 My family and I’s first introduction to the Logansport Church was with the Kidz Connection Daycare. The Kidz Connection Daycare is a Christ centered daycare for babies through school age children. It also has a wonderful preschool. The daycare is housed within the Logansport Church. We were looking for a small, safe, and affordable place to send our then 1 year old while both my wife and I worked. After an extensive search, we decided to send our son to Kidz Connection Daycare and we could not have been more pleased. Since, we have sent our other 2 children through the daycare.

After several months of sending our first son to Kidz Connection Daycare we began to explore the church and all of the various uplifting activities associated with the church. We especially loved all of the children's ministries which include PK Stuff, Kids Stuff, and Kids Connection, which allows us to attend both Sunday School and Worship Service. Our Oldest son is getting ready to attend Middle School Youth Group and then onto the high school Youth Group. The volunteers and Pastors have a passion for all ages of kids from babies to teenagers and it is refreshing to be able to send them to a safe environment where they can have lots of fun and learn about Christ.

Dave Loman