Just One Word

    01.11.17 | Faith by Aaron Gross

    Just One Word

    What power is there in a word? The Bible says that it was a word that began the creation process. It was a word that set the stars in place. It was a word that drew a line in the sand that the ocean couldn’t cross. It was a word that gave us day and night. It was a word that put life into humanity. Everything begins with a word. This year, LCB is going to spend a year looking at one word. No, we are not going to look at the same word. We are each going to pick one word and allow that one word to shape our life.

    I want you to spend some time thinking about who you want to be. What kind of person do you want to become? Do you want to have the faith of Abraham? The patience of Job?  The courage of Daniel? The Grace of Esther? The Surrender of Mary? The Joy of Paul? The bible is full of people of characters and most of their character traits can be summed up in a single word. That character trait is one word that we should want to exhibit in our own life.

     Let me help you begin. You may want to pick a character and read about that person. Then pick a scripture that sums up how you feel. Then pick just one word that becomes your focus for this next year.  Or maybe you already know the word and you need to find a person and a passage that fits. This week we are going to begin looking at words like, “pause, yield, move, health, courage, balance” and the list goes on, and pick one word that can change everything. Join us this Sunday as we begin a new journey for 2017 to being people of character.

     In His Love, Pastor Aaron